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Signs Your Roof Has Storm Damage And Needs Roofing Replacement And Repairs

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Roof Has Storm Damage

If you’ve recently experienced a storm, it’s essential to investigate your roof for signs of damage left by that storm. Right after a storm is typically when Blue Bull Construction is busiest. Homeowners often find that preexisting damage was exposed by the wind and rain, leaving their home more vulnerable.

To help you assess the situation, we’ve compiled this blog to break down common signs of storm damage, including:

  1. Wind damage
  2. Hail damage
  3. Water damage
  4. Debris from trees

Let’s get started!

Common Signs Your Roof Has Storm Damage

Signs of Wind Damage

While not the most immediate concern, strong winds can wreak havoc, especially on older roofs. The initial indicator of wind damage often manifests as missing shingles. This is common with three-tab asphalt roofs, where wind can lift the edges of shingles. Horizontal lines of granule loss caused by driving straight-line winds may also be present. Check for loose debris in your yard, as scattered branches or yard decor suggest that the wind reached sufficient speeds to potentially damage your roof.

Signs of Hail Damage (Winter Storms)

After a hailstorm, look for cracked or broken shingles where hail impacted the roof. Hail can create dents in your shingles, accelerating wear in those regions. Metal components like vents and pipe boots may also show signs of damage. Act promptly if you spot damage, as it tends to worsen over time. Dented and bruised shingles may develop cracks, and severe damage to gutters and vents could impair functionality, leading to ventilation and gutter system issues.

Signs of Water Damage

After wind, hail, or other damage, water damage becomes a concern. If shingles are lifted or cracked, water can penetrate your roof and access vulnerable areas like the roof decking and attic. Inspect your attic after a substantial rainstorm for darker patches or deteriorating decking, indicating a leak has developed.

Signs of Tree/Debris Damage

Tree and debris damage are significant concerns during storms. High winds can lead to branches, limbs, or entire trees falling onto roofs, potentially causing severe damage. Larger limbs or entire trees can cause immediate structural damage to your roof, such as damaging the decking and frame. Enlist the services of a disaster restoration company for extensive repairs and restoration of the structural integrity of your roof and home.

Need a Storm Damage Roof Repair?

Now that you’ve read this blog, inspect your roof after a storm. If you’re experiencing a leak or notice damage, reach out to Blue Bull Construction for a professional roof inspection. Swift action is essential to prevent further complications and ensure the safety and functionality of your roof.

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